Our Story



The Wellspring Network was born out of a deep desire to see lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through the Denver Metro Area through the planting and growth of Gospel centered Anglican Churches.



The Need

The population of Denver is rapidly growing, and nearly 3 million call it "home" today.  While this staggering number means more great restaurants coming to town and more traffic on the highways, the statistic that we care about deeply is this one.  

Only 8% of those 3 million people would consider themselves Evangelical Christians.  


This means that there are approximately 2,760,000 people in the Denver Metro Area who do not know Jesus Christ as their savior.



Furthermore, studies show that there are only 198 Evangelical Churches in Denver, which leaves us with 1 church per 15,000 people.  Very simply, there are far too few churches to effectively reach and disciple the people of Denver.




The Answer


We believe that the most effective way to reach and disciple those who do not know Jesus is by strategically planting Gospel-centered churches throughout neighborhoods in the Denver metro area.



The Results


So far, we have seen great success with our model. Neighborhoods are being impacted, and the Gospel is being shared with unreached souls.


The Wellspring Network currently consists of three churches.



The Future


We are deeply committed to planting more churches for the purpose of reaching more people throughout the Denver metro area.  Right now, our main challenge is finding the right church planting leaders to join our team.  If you are interested, or if you know of someone who might be, please don't hesitate to fill out the form below and get in touch with us!


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